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Hucks letter to Miss Watson essays

Hucks letter to Miss Watson essays At this point in the novel Huck finds himself with the biggest inner conflict he had has to deal with in his whole life. He has two life altering choices; one is to send the letter he had wrote to Miss Watson telling the location of Jim, or tearing it up and concealing the location of them and preserving their newly found friendship theyve established. Huck chooses to disregard societys principles and goes with what feels right, and that is fighting for Jims freedom. One of the reasons he does this is because Jim has been his only true companion throughout his adventure and they have developed a special bond. This can be seen in Chapter fifteen when Jim and Huck are separated in the fog. After a while, Huck finds Jim and he asks, Where have you been? Instead of telling him the truth, he tries to play a trick on Jim by telling him he was sleeping and it was all a dream (84). When Jim realizes that there is branches and leaves on the raft he gets very mad at Huck for not telling him the truth and says this Trick is trash; and trash is what people are that put dirt on the head of theyre friends and makes them ashamed(84). This makes Huck feel bad about the joke he played on him and promises that he will never do it again. Also, in Chapter sixteen, Huck once again chooses his friend over what society thinks is right to do. He had secretly planed to give Jim up but as he leaves the raft Jim tells him that he is his only friend and the only one to keep a promise to him (87). He later encounters two men who want to check his raft for runaway slaves. He lies to them by saying that his family has small pox and no one is willing to help him. The two men give him money and tell him to go farther downstream for help. At this point in the novel the reader knows that Huck is compassionate and is soft hearted. Huck says he would of felt bad if he had given Jim up and he also would of felt bad...

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Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 18

Research Paper Example Indeed, it was ultimately an expression of America’s character during that era. 2. The American lifestyles: Though it is a little bit hard to take this point as a form of serious criticism, most American lifestyles and way of life was so fascinating. This depicted America as being a violent country. That most Americans often feed on a constant diet of bloody television programs, movies, as well as murder mysteries (Henry, 19).These have often translated into the practical senses of Road rage, beatings, highway killings, and even murder of those who seem different. This facts and events can be drawn from accident reports, newspapers, labor statistics, and even from the local histories. 3. The entire American Revolution: This was the ultimate revolution that led to the creation of US. It started as the colonies’ political upheaval against the British Empire, and profoundly turned out towards influencing the nineteenth century Europe through demands for immediate radical social and political changes (Henry,

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Shopping the Smart Way Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Shopping the Smart Way - Essay Example Throughout our day to day lives, we perform and complete millions of tasks. We often go through the motions, not beginning to consider how many tiny steps go into all of the things we do during a given day. However, if we considered each of our activities as a process, we could see things in a whole new light. If we took the time to consider our day to day, we would realize that there are many careless errors involved in the tasks we perform, which sometimes even lead us to not complete these tasks. Even our completed tasks contain many errors. We could, perhaps, improve our efficiency as well as the amount of time spent on various tasks we perform throughout a day. By carefully observing a process step by step, you can see which of its components work and which do not. One such component that can be a part of anyone’s day to day life, one which can be improved upon, is going grocery shopping.... It’s a busy time of year for you at your job and you had to sacrifice your lunch hour and break in order to get your work done. You come home after this seemingly never-ending day, ready to fix yourself your favorite dinner before you turn in for the night. You reach your refrigerator only to find empty shelves and drawers. At this point, it seems like you don’t have very many options. You sigh, grabbing your keys and heading right back out the door you had just come through. As you’re getting in your car, your phone rings. It is your friend telling you he’s coming over. You offer to pick him up if he will help you with your grocery shopping. He agrees and you go pick him up. Once you have picked this friend up, you reluctantly drive to the supermarket. You look over at the checkout counters as you walk in and see the lines are very long. It’s dinner time and the supermarket is full of people getting last minute items they need. You decide you need to hurry up through the supermarket aisles so that you can get on line before it gets any worse. You and your friend devise a plan where you will split up and each start on a different side of the supermarket, meeting in one of the middle aisles Since you went there on such a whim, you have no list. You decide to go aisle by aisle, looking to see what you need in each. You walk up and down the aisles, looking at everything that meets your eye and finding some things you needed, but indulging more in things you don’t need, reasoning that you are allowed to splurge for whatever reason. You and your friend meet in the middle and put the contents of your separate baskets into a cart. You’re satisfied as you make your way down the last aisle toward the checkout counter, considering the fact

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Families need fathers Essay Example for Free

Families need fathers Essay The debate, Families need fathers is one in which there are many issues that need to be considered when looking at the question. Family poverty, domestic violence, the effect on children and family stereotypes by society all need to be considered in the debate. Recent surveys have shown that fathers also need families and therefore making the matter more complicated. Fathers still remain important in our society because family poverty is still largely prevented by the existence of a male, full time workers wage in a household. Due to the patriarchal nature of our society, women find it difficult to obtain appropriate work to fit in with custody of children. In a Social Trends survey the rise in mothers working part time form 49 percent in 1973 to 64 percent in 1994. This often means working in low paid, part time jobs with little chance that mothers earnings alone will be able to cover the cost of subsistence for themselves, never mind there children. Those who do work full time do not necessarily escape from economic dependence, choosing to work and pay for childcare may well prove uneconomic for large numbers of the working class. There is very little publicly provided care which fits the needs of working mothers: most pre school care is part time and infused with the ideology of education, rather then care and education. A large proportion of their income is spent on childcare and as childcare in Britain is the most expensive in Europe, lack of affordable childcare prevents the lone mother entering the labour market emphasising the need for fathers, or a male wage in the family. Married men work harder, earn more and are more likely to have a job then other men, according to Rowthorn and Ormerod, therefore preventing family poverty, although the modern woman is striking back. Nowadays it is easier to be a single mother. Welfare benefits, job opportunities, and the support of nurseries, playgroups and schools make it easier for single mothers to provide for their families alone. The Family Futures Report conducted by Graeme Leach predicts that by the year 2020 women will have become the main earners in at least half of all households. The feminisation of the work place will force companies to create a mother-track career as many companies will prefer the work of women to men meaning that affordable childcare will become available and the 20 percent pay gap will have disappeared. Even now, womens contributions through earnings are important in reducing the familys vulnerability to poverty. Families with 1 or 2 children were at the greatest risk of poverty without the earnings of the wife. In 1990, for example, people in households where the husband worked but the wife did not, had a 4 to 6 times higher risk of being in the bottom income quintile then those where both parents were working. Gittins (1993) states that more divorced men remarry showing that women have more independence and less need for a relationship, the family does not need a father or male figure to survive. The effect on children growing up without a father is one of the main focuses on the debate as there is a great deal of evidence to suggest that this has an enormous impact on the emotional and physical health of the child. Dennis and Erdos (1993) argued that research into the effect of fatherless families showed that unless a child is brought up in the constant atmosphere of human beings negotiating, co-operating, controlling their anger, affecting reconciliations, he (sic) cannot learn what it is to be an effective member of a social group for this he needs the presence of two adults in close interaction constantly in his immediate environment. Fatherless families are seen as contributing to the rise of educational failure, welfare dependency, and involvement in crime and drug abuse among young people, especially young boys from council estates. Indeed, only a quarter of persistent young offenders lived with two parents and that included step parents and mothers boyfriends, 4 out of 5 children going into care have lone parents and on American and British council estates it was found that the higher the percentage of lone parent households, the higher the percentage of crime and burglary. These statistics show that it is not just families that need fathers; society also needs them as well. The concern for the effect of divorce on children is being researched more and more as divorce rates are becoming higher, one in three marriages now end in divorce and the effect on children is being examined closely. Rowthorn and Ormerod state that on every measure of achievement and emotional condition, children living with their married parents usually do better then other children although it is often hard to distinguish between the effects of marriage and divorce and other factors such as poverty and racism. Nevertheless, divorce often means poor exam results, damaged health and stress and four times the risk of needing psychiatric help as a child. Dr Richards took 17,000 children from the National Child Development Survey and monitored their lives at intervals until they were 35. He discovered that children, whose parents had divorced before they were 16, were on average less emotionally stable, left home earlier, and divorced or separated more frequently. However, this study was concerned with children of the middle class in 1958, and from then till now, social attitudes have changed as divorce is much more acceptable then it was in the fifties and therefore children are less affected by it, but most studies show the more involved the father; the better developed the child intellectually and socially. This view that children are affected by the absence of a father in the family is one to be contested. The latest research for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation shows that the absence of one or other parent figure from a household is not the aspect of separation which most effects the childs development. Children are not necessarily harmed by divorce providing the parents split in an amicable fashion and good regular contact with the absent father can reduce some of the ill effects of divorce.

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Red Dress by Alice Munro Essay -- Red Dress Alice Munro

"Red Dress" by Alice Munro The short story "Red Dress" by Alice Munro is about a young girl's first high school dance. Her home and school environment determined her attitude towards the dance.This girl's home life was bad. She was constantly put down mentally by her mother, even in front of her friend Lonnie, to the point that the narrator envied Lonnie on account that her mother died and she lived alone with her father. "'I doubt if she appreciates it.' She enraged me, talking like this to Lonnie, as if Lonnie were grown up and I were still a child." Her mother was obscene in the house; the description that is given would make one sick. It is said that she did not take care of herself in the house, and exposed her lumpy veins to the in-house public. This probably made the narrator t... Red Dress by Alice Munro Essay -- Red Dress Alice Munro "Red Dress" by Alice Munro The short story "Red Dress" by Alice Munro is about a young girl's first high school dance. Her home and school environment determined her attitude towards the dance.This girl's home life was bad. She was constantly put down mentally by her mother, even in front of her friend Lonnie, to the point that the narrator envied Lonnie on account that her mother died and she lived alone with her father. "'I doubt if she appreciates it.' She enraged me, talking like this to Lonnie, as if Lonnie were grown up and I were still a child." Her mother was obscene in the house; the description that is given would make one sick. It is said that she did not take care of herself in the house, and exposed her lumpy veins to the in-house public. This probably made the narrator t...

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Customer Services at Tesco Essay

I am doing a project based on Customer Services for Tesco. I am doing research into the company and with my findings I am going to provide recommendations to improve Customer Services at Tesco. The areas that I am going to be covering are: * What Customer Services does there company provide. * How do they measure Customer Satisfaction. * How do you know that their customers are happy. * What legislation affects their customers at Tesco. * How do they segment their target market. And * What is their Customer profile. From the above I will provide recommendations for improvements. Theory Of Customer Services. Customer Services is the overall activity of identifying and satisfying customer needs. â€Å"Most people entering a shop or contacting a firm by letter or telephone, have suggested that by this action they have a need†1 I think that this suggestion is true because people go to the shop and need somewhere to park and what kind of parking they need, if they need to use the toilet facilities, also just going into the shop buying the products. The customer must be treated and advised accordingly, and the advice that they are given must be accurate. â€Å"After sales service is an essential element of customer service in any type of organisation, it may cover faulty goods, refunds, exchange of goods, complaints about goods, service or hygiene.†2 Many customers go back to the store in which they have received something and have a query about the service or product in which they have received. Sometimes it may be food things but other times its not. A lot of good will be refunded or goods exchange will take place. It requires a salesperson to be aware of the consumer’s charter and the relevant laws on the sale of goods trade descriptions. Many shops/stores have a â€Å"customer service department† to deal with queries which certain people might have. Measuring Customer Satisfaction. It is important for Tesco to measure how satisfied their customers are so that if they need to they can make improvements to products or the service in which they provide. The ways in which Tesco measure Customer Satisfaction is by: * Sending out questionnaires to customers through post or email. This shows if Tesco need to make any improvements to their service or any of their products. * The Tesco Loyalty card- This is provided by Tesco and it has the customer’s details. Tesco can use this to see how often the customer shops there and to see if there are any product/products in particular that they buy. If they see that that customer has not shopped in Tesco for a few months they might post them some product vouchers (e.g. money off coupons) to bring that customer back to the store. If Tesco do this it makes the customer see that Tesco’s are willing to help the customer in all sorts of ways to bring there custom back. This helps Tesco measure the satisfaction of individual customers. * They record some of their calls that are made by customers for training purposes. * On the spot questions from staff. * Observation (e.g. mystery shoppers.) * Customer panels or interviews. * Customer comments on the web site or in store. From this they can analyse the sales performance e.g. sales levels, number of customers, records of products brought and from the loyalty card records. All of this is part of market research and they get the feed back from their customers. What Customer Services Tesco Provides From my findings at Tesco I have found out the following: Products: Most of the products that are sold at Tesco are of good quality (apart from the food that looks untidy on the shelves, and that it looks like it has been thrown in.) I think that most of the products are reasonably priced. No complaints have been made from customers and from myself asking a few customers their thoughts on the prices. The products are safe to use, on the packaging they give detail about what the product contains and on some products they suggest how to use/cook the food product. Most of the goods are packaged safely but some of the goods may have fallen on the floor and may have been spilt open, which some people/some staff then just pick up and put it back on the shelf. This does not good for Tesco as a whole. Some of the prices on the shelves are covered up by other product prices. The sale signs cover up the original prices so you cannot really see if it is an actual sale. This is like it for some of the products in the store. These are some of my findings as an example to what I have wrote above: * The meat that was displayed looked like it had been thrown in. * All the reduced things looked like they had been hidden away in the Bacon, Fresh pasta and ready meals section. * Salad in meat section (moved.) Staff: I think that the people that I saw that where working in the Tesco in Hertford where correctly dressed and it was suitable. You could clearly see whole was higher than others (meaning the managers compared to the till staff.) I think that most of the staff are helpful but some of them may talk rudely to you if you ask where something is. On my visit I had this happen to me. The staffs that have been working in the store for quite a while know where certain products are in the shop so if you were to ask they would be able to point you in the right direction or even take you there their self. They also know about the deals etc that are going on in the store at that moment in time which is also good because if you go to the till and there is a deal on a precise product you have brought they will say â€Å"did you know its by one get 2nd half price† (made up example) Premises: Some of the store is not safe e.g. * Trolley in way. * There’s a pillar in the middle of the isle (obstruction to customers) what did not help the matter was the fact that Tesco food trolleys (that they stacked the shelves with) was in the way too. * Slippery floor with no sign to say so. On the ceiling they have posters hanging off to show where each section of the store is (e.g. fruit and veg.) From my visit I saw cleaners cleaning whilst people where shopping, so they do keep clean but then again the floors are left wet and maybe slippery and the cleaners may get in the way of the customers. In the Tesco store they did have disabled parking and a toilet for disabled people and also trolleys for disabled people. The layout of the premises was good and easy. I think that they keep it easy and simple so that the customers can find the products that they want without fail. The facilities that I saw that where provided for the customers where the toilets/baby and changing rooms, the photo-boof and the pay phone. Delivery: There was no information that I could see in the store about delivery but I did find the following information on the Tesco website ( â€Å"Delivery will be made to the address specified by you on the completed order form. We will deliver your order to the main entrance of the delivery address. At your request, our driver may carry your order into the delivery address, for example, to a particular floor in an apartment block or into your kitchen but only if: a. the driver has your permission and b. our driver believes that it is safe and practical to do as you request. We always reserve the right to deliver only to the main entrance of the delivery address. Please note that we deliver goods only to specified regions within the United Kingdom. To check that the online Grocery service delivers to your area, please enter your postcode at Delivery times will be agreed with you at the time of placing your order.† Payment: The different ways of paying at Tesco are: 1. Cash 2. Credit/debit card. 3. Cheque Field Research Findings. Notes Based On Tesco In Hertford I carried out some field research at a Tesco near me. Here are my findings:- * Bigish car park but not big enough. Plenty of disabled parking but people not disabled parking in them spots. Same with parents and child parking. * Vegetables nicely laid out. * Prices cover up over prices. * Isles labelled * Trolley in way. * Lots of leaflets. * Salad in meat section (moved.) * The meat that was displayed looked like it had been thrown in. * All the reduced things looked like they had been hidden away in the Bacon, Fresh pasta and ready meals section. * There’s a hot deli selling hot chicken of different sorts. * Certain isles crowded more than others. Some isles empty. * There’s a pillar in the middle of the isle (obstruction to customers) what did not help the matter was the fact that Tesco food trolleys (that they stacked the shelves with) was in the way too. * Slippery floor with no sign to say so. * Car equipment at the end of food isle. * Empty cardboard boxes on the shelves. * Posters not really explaining what’s on each isle. * About 10:45 am on Tuesday morning just the old people doing shopping and a few moms with toddlers or babies. * Christmas things already displayed on shelves. * Fresh mean, raw meat, diary products in separate counters but with the diary products they are all bundled into one counter. * Ticket service for meat and diary products. * Tesco brands on bottom shelves. * Labels over CD’s covering up the names of the CD’s (e.g. â€Å"Security protected†) * The books on the shelves in a mess (the ones on bottom shelf) but the ones nearer the top look in order. * Cat and dog food etc clearly laid out. * Cleaning things all nicely laid out. * Tablets, shampoo, deodorant etc all down one isle. * Baby things all down one side of the isle. * With the frozen food all the weight watchers items in one compartment. * Ice cream section is pretty empty. * Vegetarian food all in one section. * Halloween things all in one section. * Buy one get one free posters hung from the ceiling. * Loads of Christmas things displayed more than the Halloween things. * Community news posters. * Photo vision right in the corner of the shop near the tills. * Batteries all displayed together. * Champagne And Sparkling drinks are all together. * Spirits, Liqueurs, Malts etc all separated into different sections but with the name of what consists in that section. * There is a time limit in which to buy alcohol (which it 8am until 10:55 pm) * Promotional things displayed on every section of the shop (meaning top of every isle) * I saw 3 fire exits. * Not many seats at the end of the till for the customers. * There was one customer pay phone. * There was a magazine section and a section for the different newspapers. * There where toilets for the men, disabled, baby changing and for the girls. * There’s a small customer services desk. * 1 Cash machine * Parking clearly labelled Legislation Acts for Tesco. The Consumer Protection Act is a consolidation of consumer protection legislation. Parts III and IV of the Act are the former Consumer Products Warranties Act and Unsolicited Goods and Credit Cards Act. Part II of the Act offers protection to Saskatchewan consumers from unfair and unscrupulous marketplace practices. The Act also sets out consumer responsibilities, such as attempting to resolve a dispute with a supplier before taking further action. * Unfair practices * Remedies * Warranties * Unsolicited goods and credit cards * Consolidation of The Consumer Protection Act * Consumer Protection Branch Food Safety Act Under the Food Safety Act 1990, you: * Must not sell (or keep for sale) food that is unfit for people to eat. * must not sell food that isn’t what the customer is entitled to expect, in terms of content or quality * must not cause food to be dangerous to health * must not describe or present food in a way that is false or misleading It’s important to be able to demonstrate the positive steps taken by your business to ensure good food hygiene. If you were prosecuted under the Food Safety Act 1990, you would need to convince the court that you had taken all reasonable steps to avoid the offence you had been accused of . Health and safety regulations of 1974 Act It states that all employers have a responsibility to ensure health and safety requirements of their employees. All companies regardless of their size must have a written safety policy ensuring implementation of Health and Safety Act and indulge themselves in carrying out the risk assessment on all their activities. Risk Assessment included: * à ¯Ã‚ ¿Ã‚ ½ Noise Assessments under Noise at Work Regulations. * à ¯Ã‚ ¿Ã‚ ½ Control of Substances harmful to health and safety regulations. * à ¯Ã‚ ¿Ã‚ ½ Display Screen Equipment Regulations. * à ¯Ã‚ ¿Ã‚ ½ Workplace Welfare and health safety requirements. * à ¯Ã‚ ¿Ã‚ ½ Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations. * à ¯Ã‚ ¿Ã‚ ½ Manual Handling Regulations. Trade Description Act. This Act has offered protection to consumers and legitimate traders for over three decades. It is an extremely versatile piece of legislation which has been used to tackle all manner of different forms of unfair trading eg.: * car clocking * misdescribed holidays * distribution of counterfeit goods The Act makes it an offence to: * Apply a false or misleading description to goods (e.g. by writing it down, making a verbal statement or by turning back a car’s odometer); or * Supply or offer to supply goods to which a false or misleading trade description is applied. A person exposing goods for supply (e.g. in a shop) or having them in his possession for supply (e.g. in a storeroom) is deemed to offer to supply them for the purposes of the Act. These offences are strict liability offences i.e. it is possible for a trader to commit an offence without intending to do so. Recommendations From studying my company Tesco I have got to know the business quite well. From this I have provided the following recommendations: Disabled People: Disabled people are not able to reach the high shelves which makes things difficult for them, because the majority of the products are high on the shelves. I would recommend that there should be a sign for disabled people to go to get staff help. Also with disabled people there are not many trolleys and the trolleys could be hard to use for them, I think that maybe they should lower the trolleys so that life would be made easier for the disabled people. Staff: I think that there should be more staff to give a helping hand to there customers. Most of the staff are on tills, packing shelves or on the go to do something else and it seems that some of the staff have no time to actually help the customers with there queries. The customer services help desk is meant to be there to help but there was one case where my dad had a complaint and one of the staff members was trying to tell my dad that he was actually in the wrong but actually he was in the right. This was soon resolved when I higher member of staff came to help sort out the situation. Also with the staff I think that they should check that the food is in the right place and not on the floor or damaged etc. Signs: The signs that are hung from the ceiling don’t really explain what are on each isle. On one isle it says pasta but in that same isle it has biscuits etc. I would recommend that the signs should be a lot clearer to help customers find there way around the shop then maybe staff would not have customers coming up to them asking where things are. Isles: A suggestion that I would make about the isle is that they do get really crowded, so if Tesco know that that certain isle is popular then maybe they should widen the isle. Also they should not put a pillar in the middle of an isle because it is an obstruction to customers and even more so little kids who may be running around and might run into it because there might be a slippery floor etc. This would make Tesco a more safer environment.    1 Taken from Advanced Business Osborne Books. 2 Taken from Advanced Business Osborne Books

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The Absolute Value Of America - 1555 Words

The Absolute Value of America Transactions at a local corner store, the purchase of a fresh cup of coffee in the morning, and the credit card debt accumulated through the buying of miscellaneous objects on the internet, are just a few contributors to the most powerful â€Å"ism† that powers America. From the 1920s to the present day America has been driven by consumerism. Consumerism- in its simplest form- is defined as the buying and selling of products. When tracing the evolution of consumerism in America, one must explore many factors that led up to today’s consumerist culture; the economic ups and downs of the 1920s through the 1950s, the anti-consumerist movement in the 1960s, and people’s obsession with material items in modern society. The 1920s, also known as the â€Å"Roaring twenties,† was a time of increased wealth and prosperity for some. After World War I, production in America increased dramatically due to inventions such as the assembly line and little to no government interference in business. People were able to revel in the new developments that came out of this decade: cars, radio, jazz, vacuums, refrigerators, washing machines, movies, and many other advancements that improved quality of life. Another advancement that people enjoyed was the arrival of credit; â€Å"the ability to obtain goods, money, or services in return for a promise to pay at some later date† (Dictionary). Credit had been around previously but it was never as prominent or widely used as it wasShow MoreRelatedAmerica Today : Social Justice785 Words   |  4 PagesIn America today, Social Justice involves claims for government provisions through a revised fairness doctrine. Delivered from the days, where obtaining value required human knowledge and effort. Now, social progressives use regulatory force to acquire one s desires. Subsequently, the notion to produce desirable goods by rational thought and action, production and voluntary exchange, gives way to forcibly demanding goods from those who can supply them. In his first term, President Obama struggledRead More`` Promise, By Romeo Santos Featuring Usher1283 Words   |  6 Pagesmany songs that can have can absolute value to an individual and at the same time be another persons â€Å"habitus† with relative value. The song I have chosen to analyze is â€Å"Promise†, by Romeo Santos featuring Usher. This song portrays such a situation. This specific song is one in which I self-consciously fell in love with no particular reason other then the fact that I love the music and the lyrics. In this essay I will be discussing how â€Å"Promise† can resemble absolute value to me but can be somebodyRead MoreWhat Roles Do Goods And Se rvices Play On Country s Trade?1679 Words   |  7 PagesEcon Paper: What Roles do goods and services play in country’s trade?: [Table 1] Brazil takes up more than 47% of South America, and has a plentiful supply of natural resources. As Brazil has developed overt the years its major exports have changed greatly, initially Brazil was known for its exports of coffee; however, in today’s market that is not their major source of income. As the third largest producer of Iron on the globe, Brazil has become a powerhouse economy. China now takes advantageRead MoreEssay on The Ethical Dilemma of Defining Moral Absolutes1266 Words   |  6 Pagesattempt to decide what is morally permissible behavior, and what is not. Although, our global community has grown to be very large, and culturally diverse these same moral debates still linger in today’s society. Fundamentalist believe that there are absolute moral codes that apply to all societies. Inherently the fundamentalist view sounds like an ideal view that all cultures should respect. However, there are flaws in the fundamentalist views, who decides what is morally permissible and what is notRead MoreA Comparative Performance Appraisal System Essay884 Words   |  4 PagesPart of the forced-ranking label reflects the intent force distinctions among worker performance levels. In an absolute-rating system, everyone could be rated â€Å"above average.† Does this difference between the absolute- and relative-rating approaches mean that one of the methods (e.g. the absolute performance or the forced-ranking) of judgment is wrong? Forced ranking is a comparative performance appraisal system where management is forced to order employees from the best to worst by comparingRead More Extraordinary Potential of Man Revealed in Atlas Shrugged Essay example1346 Words   |  6 PagesThe Extraordinary Potential of Man Revealed in Atlas Shrugged  Ã‚   Freewill is the tenet on which men founded the United States of America, and the glory of America the Beautiful stems from the unlocked potential of its people. The callused hands of the laborers sip from the cup of American wealth, not the lazy plowman demanding government help. The inventors mind synthesizes, theorizes, and designs the American dream, not the indifferent, insolent mechanic. The steel will of the industrialistsRead MoreWhat Values From Traditional And Progressive Philosophies Complement Each Other868 Words   |  4 Pagestaken to the absolute and extreme. I firmly believe that taking both the main valued approaches from the Traditional and Progressive Philosophies provides strong disciplinary focuses and knowledge integration. The combination of the two philosophies allows for a positive insight to all educational philosophies. Keeping the mind open to these philosophies allow for flexibility and stability in the classroom for schools, teachers and students. In my position statement I will discuss what values from TraditionalRead MoreSame-Sex Marriage Essay1536 Words   |  7 Pagesotherwise all of the civil rights and equality Americans have worked hard means nothing. Therefore, a same-sex couple has the absolute right to legally marry. Today, it would seem that every citizen in the United States has a right to be treated equally, with the same rights and privileges as anyone else. But, a continuously growing community of gay men and women in America would disagree. When a man and woman decide to get married, they are able to do so without many restrictions or barriers.Read MoreCapitalism in Early America Essay1330 Words   |  6 PagesCapitalism in Early America Many different people have defined capitalism over the years. It has been defined as a political entity, economic entity and as a social entity. Max Weber and Karl Marx argue different theories concerning the emergence of capitalism. While it is unsure whether the economic system emerged first or the cultural values and ideology that allowed for the formation of capitalism emerged first, one thing is for certain, capitalism is tied to cultural values and ideology. Read MoreThe Liberation From England s Despotism967 Words   |  4 Pagesheld accountable because we are the ones who participated in the democratic process. The elected officials cannot be the only ones who are held responsible. You, me, everyone that lives within the boundaries and borders of these United States of America and who falls under the jurisdiction of its government is answerable to everything that occurs with our country. This means the good and the bad. So, how might we ensure, if not also encourage, a more active civic engagement from our citizens?