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Career Profile Real Estate - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 3 Words: 1029 Downloads: 1 Date added: 2019/06/24 Category Management Essay Level High school Tags: Profile Essay Did you like this example? What I really want from college is to come out with a solid career I can go right into and start making good money. My family has always struggled with money all I have ever wanted is to be secure and able to provide for myself and my family. I never had a nice house growing up. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Career Profile: Real Estate" essay for you Create order Not only does being a real estate agent bring good money, you are first to see the houses up for sell and you know the field so you can live in your dream house. When I was younger I went to one of my family friends house and they are a very successful real estate agent, I was blown away when I saw their house. They had a pool with a beautiful deck, which I have always dreamed of having, and a downstairs play room that you get to by a SLIDE! Real estate is very professional and organized, and you get to make your own schedule which can be helpful when you have a family. I know a lot of agents that use real estate as their side job so I could also do something else I have always wanted to do like start my own business. Unfortunately becoming a successful agent can be very difficult and I see a lot of people struggle with trying to sell their first house and getting off the ground. Many people are Real Estate agents and make an average amount of money but a good successful agent can make a very high salary. A lot of people find starting out can be very hard and some just stay at the low level, but to be successful you will have to struggle at first. This is the type of job where you may dig yourself into a deep hole, but then build a huge house and it will all be worth it but as people say you have to take the risk to get the reward. Some agents may really struggle to pay the bills before they sell their first houses. Most of the income made is the commission off of house sales so before you make any sales you may be working at a low base pay which may not be enough to support yourself or a family. Kohn-Laski a Florida broker/owner says that you should not quit your day job while getting into the real estate business so you have an income while trying to network. On the other hand Katie Messenger a Kentucky agent says that even though you shouldnt go into the b usiness without income it benefitted her in the end, she was able to focus solely on building her business and she had the time without another job getting in the way(How New Real Estate). The hardest part about being a real estate agent is finding clients, it can take agents 6 months to a year to sell their first house and to start making a pay check(Sylvia). In these months before the kickstart agents can go through hard times, parents want to be able to provide for their children and when they can not it can have a big mental effect on them. Not only do real estate agents stress to make money in their first years sometimes dealing with clients can be the real cause of stress and anxiety. As most people know it can be really stressful to buy or sell a house, and this stress can impact the agent as well, said managing director Leanne Pilkington. Chief executive Antonia Mercorella agrees and said that she sees a lot of clients selling houses because of a divorce, death, or financial instability(Webeck). Clients can be very emotional when it comes to the buying and selling of a house so Agents need to know how to deal with clients in this state and not all realtors take this the right way. Studies have shown that suicide rates are higher in the danger spectrum than police officers showed in a report from the Coroners Court of Victoria that ranked as a high risk industry(Webeck). It can take a big mental toll on someone when they cant make money to support their family. Not only is it hard to find clients the housing market is always fluctuating and a good realtor has to know what to do when the market changes for the good or bad. Real estate can be a risky job in the fact that the market can be good or bad and that will affect your paycheck sometimes for the worse and some for the better, and these rises and drops can go on for long periods of time. Aysia Sylvia is a realtor at Regal Homes here in Tallahassee when I interviewed her she said The business is booming right now, but it is important to realize that it is extremely cyclical. She also points out that You have to put in a lot when the market is good to hold you over when the market dips(Sylvia). In this line of work when the market is high it can stay that way for a long time and you can make a lot of money. Once you get the job down it is easy, many agents will pick up other jobs once they are grounded in real estate. This job is the best of both worlds you can be a good agent and make great money, and this profession gives you the opportunity to live your dream. You can start your own business or make your hobby into a job, this can keep you balanced and in a happy mindset. The only drawback is that becoming a good agent can take a long time and you most likely will not glide so easily into it. This the type of job that is really hard in the beginning but then smooth sailing the rest of the way. To a lot of people that sense of unsureness can draw them away from this career path. Most anybody can be a real estate agent, but the effort you put in is the amount you get rewarded.

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Illegal Immigration And The United States - 1388 Words

Illegal immigration has plagued the United States since immigration laws were created, and has worsened in recent history. Since Ronald Reagan’s Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 provided amnesty for 3 million illegal aliens in exchange for increased border security, millions of people have entered the country illegally. Over the past 30 years, the illegal immigrant population of the country has more than doubled from 5 million in 1986 to over 11.5 million in 2015. It has become one of the most controversial political issues in America. While not every undocumented alien is a bad or dangerous person, illegal immigrants in general are a national security threat, harmful to the economy, and a burden on the social welfare system. The best solution to the illegal alien problem is to secure and enforce the border, purge American territory of every person unlawfully trespassing upon it, and reform the immigration system to make it easier for foreigners to enter the United S tates legally like people have done for centuries. Illegal immigration to the U.S. is out of control. Almost 20% of the world’s international migrants flock to a nation that consists of less than 5% of the world’s population. This is a huge threat to our security. Some people believe the threat is miniscule, because illegal immigrants commit crime at the same or a lower rate than native-born Americans, and it is unfair to deny a large group of people citizenship because of the crimes of a few. LawShow MoreRelatedIllegal Immigration And The United States1573 Words   |  7 Pagesmillion illegal immigrants currently residing in the United States furthermore, for the United States economy. The correctional prerequisites against migrants were added to enactment to protect it from feedback that acquittal is absolution without outcome. Immigration makes a difference among everybody, and Congress ought to be doing everything in its energy to make it as simple as feasible for settlers to live and work lawfully what s more, openly in the United States. The United States is knownRead MoreIllegal Immigration And The United States1315 Words   |  6 PagesFor ages, the United States has seemed to be the country where people seek to move to for a better life. The United States was built on immigrants. People have always migrated to the United States both legally and illegally. The main problem the country has face with immigrants is the amount that trespass the border illegally. Illegal immigration is the unlawful act of crossing a national border(Illegal Immigration Pros and Cons). The illegal immigrant population keeps growing at an annual averageRead MoreIllegal Immigration And The United States969 Words   |  4 PagesAmerican businessman, politician, television personality, and author, is the presumptive of the y for president of the United States in 2016having won the most state primaries and caucuses and delegates to the 2016 Republican National Convention. Trump’s positions in opposition to illegal immigration, various free trade agreements that he believes are unfair, and most military interventionism have earned him particular support among blue-collar voters and voters without college degrees. Many of hisRead MoreIllegal Immigration And The United States1486 Words   |  6 PagesIllegal immigration has been an issue in the United States for a long time so the issues that come with it should not be a surprise. America was established on the basis of newcomers settling here from abroad. Recently though, thousands of illegal immigrants have come into the U.S. through either the Mexico border, the Pacific Ocean, or the Gulf of Mexico which has created a new an unanticipated issue for the U.S., in the past immigrants came from Europe and passed through the Ellis Island stationRead MoreIllegal Immigration Is The United States1805 Words   |  8 PagesIllegal immigration is the migration of people across national borders in a way that violates the immigration laws of the destination country. Some c ountries have millions of illegal immigrants. Immigration, including illegal immigration, is overwhelmingly upward, from a poorer to a richer country. The easy definition of an undocumented immigrant is someone who was not born in the United States and therefore has no legal right to be or remain in the United States. Not all undocumented immigrantsRead MoreIllegal Immigration : The United States1876 Words   |  8 PagesIllegal Immigration Due to the economic benefits of immigrant labor, the dangers of central American countries, and the basic human rights of noncitizens, the US government must grant amnesty to undocumented immigrants. Illegal immigration has become a rising issue in the US over the past few years, and it will continue to heat up coming into this year s presidential election. This issue is also very present in the local community due to it’s diversity and large Hispanic population. GenerallyRead MoreIllegal Immigration in the United States1864 Words   |  8 PagesIllegal Immigration In The United States: A Controversial Debate Illegal immigration is an on-going issue, which is of much importance in the United States today. It has been overlooked for many years, however it has reached a point where it can no longer be ignored. Most of the illegal immigrants, 54% to be exact, come through the Mexican border. (Hayes 5) Since the early 1980’s, the number of illegal Mexican immigrants has risen at an incredible rate, causing the United States government to takeRead MoreIllegal Immigration in the United States Essay2094 Words   |  9 PagesIllegal Immigration in the United States Illegal Immigration in the United States The United States (US) has always been viewed as the land of opportunity because it is the only true free country in the world. This being the case people have been fighting their way into the country for decades. However, it is becoming more and more of a problem each decade that passes. With the United States border being so close to Mexico it is now seeing the highest population of illegal immigrants toRead MoreDeportation: Immigration to the United States and Illegal Alien2373 Words   |  10 Pagesadvance because of the way the immigration process works. However, one thing we all had in mind, was to see the light of a different country, see different faces and hopefully find ways to stay. Once the airplane took off, words was already spread all over the office of Haiti air in Florida that the airplane left Haiti with more than 30 Haitian illegal on board. The first few 2 hours spent at the arrival office was like a discovery of a new world for every single illegal in that group. This was oneRead MoreIllegal Immigration And Immigration In The United States1091 Words   |  5 Pagesarrest persons for immigration enforcement purposes. (De Leon, K) The new legislation, created by California Senate President Kevin de Leon, officially makes the state of California a â€Å"sanctuary state†. Previously, de Leon determined that Donald Trump is a racist because of his positions on immigration; most notably, Trump’s attempt to defund cities that considered themselves sanctuaries. In a debate that is becoming increasingly more polarized, Brown sought to protect illegal immigrants against

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Object Oriented Application Development

Question: Describe different types of A/D methodologies and modelling techniques. Understand and apply concepts and principles of object oriented technology. Analyse problems associated with modelling and designing Information Systems. Apply object-oriented methods in the design, modelling and evaluation of computer-based applications. Design and model a simple information system using object oriented models and tools. Work effectively with UML and RAD tools to develop prototype models and software for a given scenario. Answer: Introduction The aim of this report is to understand the concepts of OOA/D or Object Oriented Application Development using object oriented technologies, terminologies etc. The report will help to understand the application of UML or Unified modelling Language in case of OOA/D. There will be application of UML for system requirement analysis, use case modelling, class modeling and interaction diagram like sequence diagram. Case Study M S Company want to have their updated and improves sales information system that will be integrated to the accounting system. The system will be used as a desktop application installed on the computers of the employees. The important aspects of the system are, Buyer must be registered to the system. A registered buyer will be able to create username and password for the buyer account. The buyer must be able to browse items. The buyer must be able to navigate for finding an item. The buyer must be able to place order for one or more items. The buyer must be able to add credit card to the system. The system must be able to store the details of the credit card of the buyer for future payments. The system must be able to export transaction data into the account system. The system must be able to import data from bank and account system. The system must be able to track the credit card purchases. The system must be able to generate invoices timely. The system must be able to track the due credits from bank. The system must be able to allow access and view to the purchase details based on the category and user ID of the user. The requirements of the system are, It must be able to export the transactional data into the accounting system so that the issues with double keying process is minimized. Data security must be there. Authorization using username and passwords must be supported by the system. Users can see the purchase data based on the user categories and IDs. Transactional and operational data from accounting systems and banks must be done to reduce redundancy in the process. Payment of invoices must be reconciled timely, The purchases through credit cards must be tracked. Records about the due credits from the bank, must be maintained. Use Case diagram The use case diagram for the system is, Individual use case descriptions The use case description of the use cases are, Use Case Actors Associations Extension Inclusion Register into System Buyer Buyer registers into the sales information system No Allocate username and password Browse item Buyer A registered buyer will be able to browse items. No No Find item Buyer A registered buyer will be able to navigate through the system for finding an item. See Purchase History Buyer A registered user will request to see purchase history. The system will authenticate the user and grant the permission. No Authenticate user Place order Buyer A registered use can place order for an item. No No Add Credit card Buyer The register user can make payment by adding a new credit card. It will let the user to store the credit card details for future use. Store credit card No Track credit card purchases system The system will track the credit card purchases of the users. No No Export transaction data Accounts system The system will export transaction data to accounts system No No Generate invoice System The system will generate invoice. No No Import bank tables Bank The system will import table data from bank. No No Check dues Bank The system will check the dues from the bank. No No Class diagram The class diagram of the sales information system is, Code Generation Sequence diagram The sequence diagram is, Working prototype Evaluation and Conclusion In this report OOAD methodology has been used. OOAD is a partial software development lifecycle, here the system is decomposed based on the concept of objects. M S Company was interested in developing a suitable sales information system for their business. OOAD methodology is selected as it is suitable for the development of the information system. This methodology has helped to understand the real world entities related to the information system. Based on the interactions of those entities and the system, the modules of the information system like the payment module, purchase module, inventory management module etc. can be developed from these entities and the core functions of the modules. OOAD methodology supports modeling and design the system from different perspective. Hence, it helps in better understanding of the system so that OO principles like polymorphism, reusability etc. can be implemented in the system. The decomposition of the system into multiple modules and objects help in implementation of parallelism. That in turns makes the application development faster. In this report, UML has been used for system analysis and design based on OOAD principles. UML use case modeling has been used to realize different functions of the system and how the system interacts with different types of external users. Then the class diagram shows different entities of real world being modeled by the system.(Dennis, et al., 2011) Each class has own set of attributes and operations. Then the data entity diagram helps to understand the entities to be modeled in the database supporting the sales information system. There are information about the interaction of the system, objects and the users through the classes and operations identified for the application. Those are represented by the interaction diagram of sequence diagram.(Shelly Rosenblatt, 2011) References Ambler, S. W., 2005. The Elements of UML(TM) 2.0 Style. s.l.:Cambridge University Press. Dennis, A., Wixom, B. H. Tegarden, D., 2011. Systems Analysis and Design with UML 2.0. s.l.:John Wiley Sons, Inc.. Larman, C., 2012. Applying Uml And Patterns. s.l.:Pearson . Satzinger, J. W., Jackson, R. B. Burd, S. D., 2015. Systems Analysis and Design in a Changing World. s.l.:Cengage Learning. Shelly, G. Rosenblatt, H. J., 2011. Systems Analysis and Design. 9th ed. s.l.:Cengage Learning.

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Jimmy Wales †the Wikipedia inventor Essay Example

Jimmy Wales – the Wikipedia inventor Essay The concept of Wikipedia started with a very radical concept: a freely-licensed online encyclopedia disseminating vast amount of knowledge on almost every part of the world. Aside from it being freely-licensed, users can edit and save its content easily. The concept is uncomplicated as it may seem; but not as simple as one should think about it. The usability of Wikipedia scattered all over the world, and is up to now a   great help for those who are looking for the easiest way to obtain compilation of knowledge from the cyberspace.The man responsible for the conceptualization and creation of this online encyclopedia was Jimmy Wales. Born in Huntsville, Alabama in August of 1966, he became best known as the driving force behind Wikipedia. Co-authoring with Tim Shell, he was also responsible for the creation of the website, seen in the internet in 1996. The money he gained from was the money he used to start an online encyclopedia called Nupedia that influenced the creation of Wikipedia in 2001. Wales became popular, which considered him to belong to the top 100 most influential people of 2006 all over the world by the Time Magazine. As the online encyclopedia got into popularity, the demands heightened up. He allowed the non-profit organization, Wikimedia to handle Wikipedia, in 2003, still under his leadership. Wikia Inc. on the other hand is a for-profit organization hosting the wiki web pages publicizing various topics.Wales avoids talking about his birthday. Sites either mentions August 7th or August 8th, but it is sure that Wikipedia was launched on January 15, 2001 in his interview with the New Scientist magazine. It was a notion that Larry Sanger, who coined the name Wikipedia, was a co-author of the website. Wales corrects this notion and mentions Sanger being just his employee, who acted as the editor of Nupedia (Infoplease p. 1).According to Jimmy Wales’ lecture in Ted Conferences, LLC titled Talks Jimmy Wales: How a rag tag band created Wikipedia, Wikipedia runs on a model called free-licensing model, meaning the contents of the encyclopedia can be freely modified and used without any legal restrictions ( p.1). The process of adding, editing, and erasing contents is made possible the Wikipedia software, owned by the Wikimedia foundation. In the lecture conducted by Jimmy Wales in 2006, he mentioned about the encyclopedia reaching almost 600,000 English articles, and an overall count of 2 million articles written in different languages. It can be imagined how vast the number of employees Wikipedia must have to fill this number of articles, averaging up to almost 1.4 billion visits annually since its establishment. But there is only one employee, a software developer, who started in 2005 and paid $5000 in a part-time or full-time basis. Thousands of volunteers, contributors, and editors are responsible for everything aside from the system maintenance. No specific, traditional organiza tion of the contributors was created, and nobody is in-charge. Everyone can contribute and edit the contents of the site. He even stated that these people behind the contents of the site are the smartest people he had ever met.A lot of controversies were thrown to Wikipedia and to Wales. Some of the concerns were with regard to the credibility of its contents and some with the management of the for-profit organization.Anytime that a controversial issue arises, the members should not take a stand but just report on the reputable party from which such controversies came from. The contributors of diverse political, cultural and religious background came up with very firm neutrality policy that is non-negotiable. Wales set-down this policy himself from the very beginning as the core principle that governs for the community, and it is not debatable. Diverting from this kind of behavior may lead to the expulsion from the organization. Wales introduced this policy from the very beginning t o avoid issues against Wikipedia that it favors a certain party when it reacts or gives its statements. Considering that Wikipedia is visited by a vast number of users yearly, it is possible that publication of such insights will influence the minds of the visitors. There is also a possibility that the site may be alleged for such claims. The neutrality point of view policy then protects its contributors and editors against the above-mentioned possibilities.Contrasting to the negative comments about the website, Wales cleared-out to the public that they have a mechanism of validation of the submissions made by the users. It is not true that whatever content is added or modified, that just goes straight to the site without any process checking the additional contents. Real time peer reviews take place, so the members of the community may either accept or reject the entries.People may contribute to the content anonymously. An e-mailing system was included in the Wikipedia system in or der for the contributors to be notified on the validity of their entries. Still, upon rejection, the contributors are given chance to verify their sources to consider their entries for another review.Many students are thankful to the creation of this online encyclopedia. The website facilitates the online searching that caters almost everything under the sun. Searching in Wikipedia is economical in time, since almost everything you need in a particular topic is there. In addition, links to other relevant topics are available for additional information, making it even easier for the users to come up with a variety of ideas, sometimes not even needing to type in more keywords to search engines like Google. Just in case that the user wants to verify the information uploaded in Wikipedia, he could always go back to the list of references provided by the editor or contributor. As I listened to the lecture conducted by Jimmy, I was convinced of the credibility of the content of Wikipedia, but then, Wales admitted that some parts are weak, but most of the parts are strong in content.To think that Wikipedia is a non-profit site, one could already determine the heroism Jimmy Wales had shown. He was even able to gather several volunteer to maintain the credibility of the sites as high as possible. The ‘tightly knit community’, composing of around one thousand to two thousand individuals that Wales mentioned is also one of the evidences that the site established by him was for the betterment of the academic community, specifically for those who are connected to the cyberspace. This is a great opportunity for everyone that only this dot com encyclopedia can offer.We can also consider him being a hero for he still fights controversies, conducts seminars to eliminate the misconceptions on the Wikipedia community, gets towards the improvement of the site for the benefit of the users and those who find happiness by just contributing and editing the site for its i mprovement, and even manages to meet up with his volunteers just to maintain the existence of the site. This tightly-knit community, to emphasize, is a clear manifestation of how powerful Wikipedia is, and how a lot of people believe in the core principle of Wikipedia, and what kind of impact it is to the contributors and editors the dedication of Jimmy Wales that they remain to be intact with the organization, that is Wikipedia, without being paid at all. This is the true manifestation of volunteerism and dedication among work. The people working behind the site may have truly imbibed the true spirit of volunteerism among themselves.Jimmy Wales gave this statement in his very own Wikipedia news titled: Jimmy Wales: Wikipedia’s knowledge is power to the people:Humans are portrayed as irrational captives to their background and identity unable to be objective. I do not share this view. Seven years ago I founded. We are a charitable humanitarian effort to create and distribute a free high-quality encyclopedia to every single person on the planet. Already we are the biggest fastest-growing and most popular general reference work in the world†¦ We are a charitable humanitarian effort to create and distribute a free high-quality encyclopedia to every single person on the planet. Already we are the biggest fastest-growing and most popular general reference work in the world. Wikipedia attracts 683m visitors annually with more than 10m articles in over 150 languages. Today there are around one billion people online. In the next five to 10 years the next billion people will be joining the great global conversation by coming online to participate in blogs mailing lists and of course Wikipedia itself. If we look beyond the languages of Europe plus Chinese and Japanese most Wikipedia projects are small but fast growing (p. 1).This is a very inspiring quote that summarizes his dedication, and how radical his idea of Wikipedia was. Wikipedia, in my own personal opinion, will be of greater help in the future, and will always be strengthened as its volunteers continue the website’s principle, and work for the betterment of the community for a grand purpose: a unidirectional, mind-enriching, an most of all, human empowering site that delivers relevant information.Works Citedâ€Å"Free content.† 22 April 2009 Unlimited. â€Å"Jimmy Wales: Wikipedia’s knowledge is power to the people.† June 22, 2008. Wikipedia News. 22 April 2009 â€Å"Jimmy Wales: Inventor / Entrepreneur.† 2007. Infoplease: All the knowledge you need. 22 April 2009 Conferences, LLC. â€Å"Talks Jimmy Wales: How a ragtag band created Wikipedia.† August 2006. TED: Ideas worth Spreading. 22 April 2009 talks/jimmy_wales_on_the_birth_of_wikipedia.html

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Napoleon III compared to Napoleon Bonaparte Essays - French Emperors

An Assessment of Whether Napoleon Bonaparte or Louis Napoleon Had More Significant Reforms in France Both Napoleon Bonaparte and his nephew Louis Napoleon Bonaparte were important rulers of France. They ruled with great power and control, they implemented many sweeping reforms and laws that greatly changed the course of French and European life. Napoleon Bonaparte and Louis Napoleon, also referred to as Napoleon III, each directed France through many reforms under their rule. However, the leader with the more significant reforms and impact on France was Napoleon III. Napoleon III had longer lasting reforms in the likes of rebuilding and modernizing Paris, constructing the French railway and heading a strong French foreign policy that included the unification of Italy. He also led France through a period of prosperity and industrialization. Louis Napoleon Bonaparte was elected the president of France at age 40, and capped a quite remarkable, and unlikely rise to power. (Cavendish, 1998, para. 1). Louis Napoleon Bonaparte, named after his uncle Napoleon I, had never held a government position, nor had he even shown any sort of political capability, he rose to power solely through widespread support in France that he was the rightful heir to Napoleon I. (Cavendish, 1998, para. 1,2). In essence, Louis Napoleon rode into control of France on the coattails of his uncle and then he took his uncle?s rule and furthered the reforms and French power. Louis Napoleon campaigned that he would return France back to the glory that they had once had under the first Napoleon, and that he, as a ruler, was destined to bring France once again to the top of Europe. (Cavendish, 1998, para. 5). His strategy successfully swept him into the office of President of France?s Second Republic. The Professional Politicians in France couldn?t believe that Louis Napoleon had won, and they were even more shocked when he did away with them. But this didn?t satisfy the ambitious ruler and he quickly took advantage of an economic slump in 1851 and posed himself to be the man that the French needed, not as president but as emperor. (Cavendish, 1998, final paragraph). Louis Napoleon Bonaparte can now be called Napoleon III, for in 1852 he declared himself the perfect fit for the job to keep France from collapse and socialism, the Emperor of the second French Empire. (Cavendish, 1998, final paragraph). The citizens of France, so scared of anarchy, and still believing in the ?Napoleonic Ideals? that Napoleon I had left behind, overwhelmingly accepted Louis Napoleon as their new Emperor. The new parliamentary constitution that Napoleon III set up gave him the executive powers; it allowed him to nominate the members of the law-making council of state and the senate. (?France History-Se cond French Empire? n.d., para. 1). Now that Louis-Napoleon had full control of France, he could freely implement actions and reforms that he couldn?t have easily achieved as President. One of Napoleon?s keen interests was in architecture, and it was his desire to make Paris a new modern city that ultimately turned Paris from an overcrowding, ancient, disease-ridden cluster of districts into the thriving beauty it is today. (Kirkman, 2007, para. 2). Napoleon?s interest was the foundation that would produce the plans for a rebuilding of Paris?s streets, its sewers, and all other aspects of urban planning. It would change the sight of Paris to something unlike anyone had seen. (Kirkman, 2007, para. 2). For hundreds of years, certain areas hadn?t been improved, and the daunting task of a renewal of Paris was laid on Baron Haussmann. Haussmann was a big time planner and was an advocate for beautiful sights, perfect balance and exactness. (?Paris? pg. 18). Haussmann?s desire of linear symmetry surfaced in his first step, wh ich was to put Paris on a grid. He added streets to Paris that ran east and west, and north and south. These new streets were also wider, allowing for more public safety and safer traffic engineering. (Kirkman, 2007, para. 4). The rapid population growth mixed with fierce industrialization made some changes to Paris an absolute necessity. An example of this was shown in the growing demand for water closets, which directly led to the need to funnel the human waste effectively into the sewers.

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Why New England Lacked Diversity essays

Why New England Lacked Diversity essays Every human has their own preferences to their living environments and their own level of flexibility when it comes to adapting to a certain environment, or country. There can be many various reasons for a citizen who was born and raised in a country to move from there to a different one. Some of the main and most common causes could be the lack of food or nutrition that the people there are receiving. Oppression and oppressive governments are very popular causes for leaving a country. Some citizens leave because their government is not caring enough and not doing enough to help the people of that country. It could also be the opposite of that, and how governments are doing too much and the citizens cannot make their own choices and do not have freedom for themselves, which can also be known as communism. Opportunity is something that a lot of natives from various countries would do anything for and is an extremely common reason for natives to give up their country for another. Food or nutrition for people is a basic life need and necessity. The lack of food in a country, especially over time is life threatening. When your life may depend on leaving your native country to find nutrients for your body, youre basically forced to leave, not only to keep yourself alive, but also for the lives of your family members. An example of this would be the potato famine that occurred from 1845 to 1850 in the country of Ireland. During that tragedy 1.5 million Ireland natives left to come to America. Since that famine caused 1 million deaths it was an excellent idea to leave Ireland. Not only do natives of a country leave because their forced to from the lack of nutrition, but they can also leave for the purpose of buying specialties such as needed spices that serve as several different uses. The Europeans traveled around the world just to get their hands on various and unique types of spices. Oppression is a serious and depres...

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Reading Response of FanShen Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Reading Response of FanShen - Essay Example It appears off as somehow a culture shock being that he is Chinese - Chinese culture way of writing is more focused on a descriptive style, while often including words like ‘we’ as opposed to ‘I’. When examining Shen’s past experience in writing Chinese, he outlines, the expression ‘I’ to always be associated with another â€Å"unfortunate expression†, â€Å"individualism†, which is regarded as a synonym to the word selfishness in Chinese. China categorically emphasizes on their culture collectively as a whole, and the individualism concept is considered ethically immoral. It is considered immodest and disrespectful to use the expression ‘I’ since that is a labeled word for one person. The culture believes that using ‘we’ means including everyone, while the American culture context emphases intensely and enthusiastically on ‘I’, promote individualism. A claim of solitary expression as o pposed to Chinese collectivity expression. Because of Chinese emphasis on collective expression and modesty in linguistics, can they be branded as a more unified culture than the American society? The concept prompts the question of whether if America upheld her values and cultural morals more, the result would be an awarer and more tolerant nation1. The American culture privileges acknowledgment of â€Å"I† at the level of expression and ideology. The culture views the use of â€Å"I† as a norm. It is used as a way of expressing selfness a view that purposefully promotes individualism. Contrarily, the Chinese culture does not conform to the use of â€Å"I† as a means of self-expression rather views it as individualistic and self-centered. To some extent, it is agreeable that the Chinese perception promotes cohesiveness among cultural members as they tend to identify with each other as a â€Å"We†2. As a younger student, my writing sequence was more based on the fast delivery of critical issues when writing. There was no sequential buildup of ideas rather