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Career Profile Real Estate - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 3 Words: 1029 Downloads: 1 Date added: 2019/06/24 Category Management Essay Level High school Tags: Profile Essay Did you like this example? What I really want from college is to come out with a solid career I can go right into and start making good money. My family has always struggled with money all I have ever wanted is to be secure and able to provide for myself and my family. I never had a nice house growing up. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Career Profile: Real Estate" essay for you Create order Not only does being a real estate agent bring good money, you are first to see the houses up for sell and you know the field so you can live in your dream house. When I was younger I went to one of my family friends house and they are a very successful real estate agent, I was blown away when I saw their house. They had a pool with a beautiful deck, which I have always dreamed of having, and a downstairs play room that you get to by a SLIDE! Real estate is very professional and organized, and you get to make your own schedule which can be helpful when you have a family. I know a lot of agents that use real estate as their side job so I could also do something else I have always wanted to do like start my own business. Unfortunately becoming a successful agent can be very difficult and I see a lot of people struggle with trying to sell their first house and getting off the ground. Many people are Real Estate agents and make an average amount of money but a good successful agent can make a very high salary. A lot of people find starting out can be very hard and some just stay at the low level, but to be successful you will have to struggle at first. This is the type of job where you may dig yourself into a deep hole, but then build a huge house and it will all be worth it but as people say you have to take the risk to get the reward. Some agents may really struggle to pay the bills before they sell their first houses. Most of the income made is the commission off of house sales so before you make any sales you may be working at a low base pay which may not be enough to support yourself or a family. Kohn-Laski a Florida broker/owner says that you should not quit your day job while getting into the real estate business so you have an income while trying to network. On the other hand Katie Messenger a Kentucky agent says that even though you shouldnt go into the b usiness without income it benefitted her in the end, she was able to focus solely on building her business and she had the time without another job getting in the way(How New Real Estate). The hardest part about being a real estate agent is finding clients, it can take agents 6 months to a year to sell their first house and to start making a pay check(Sylvia). In these months before the kickstart agents can go through hard times, parents want to be able to provide for their children and when they can not it can have a big mental effect on them. Not only do real estate agents stress to make money in their first years sometimes dealing with clients can be the real cause of stress and anxiety. As most people know it can be really stressful to buy or sell a house, and this stress can impact the agent as well, said managing director Leanne Pilkington. Chief executive Antonia Mercorella agrees and said that she sees a lot of clients selling houses because of a divorce, death, or financial instability(Webeck). Clients can be very emotional when it comes to the buying and selling of a house so Agents need to know how to deal with clients in this state and not all realtors take this the right way. Studies have shown that suicide rates are higher in the danger spectrum than police officers showed in a report from the Coroners Court of Victoria that ranked as a high risk industry(Webeck). It can take a big mental toll on someone when they cant make money to support their family. Not only is it hard to find clients the housing market is always fluctuating and a good realtor has to know what to do when the market changes for the good or bad. Real estate can be a risky job in the fact that the market can be good or bad and that will affect your paycheck sometimes for the worse and some for the better, and these rises and drops can go on for long periods of time. Aysia Sylvia is a realtor at Regal Homes here in Tallahassee when I interviewed her she said The business is booming right now, but it is important to realize that it is extremely cyclical. She also points out that You have to put in a lot when the market is good to hold you over when the market dips(Sylvia). In this line of work when the market is high it can stay that way for a long time and you can make a lot of money. Once you get the job down it is easy, many agents will pick up other jobs once they are grounded in real estate. This job is the best of both worlds you can be a good agent and make great money, and this profession gives you the opportunity to live your dream. You can start your own business or make your hobby into a job, this can keep you balanced and in a happy mindset. The only drawback is that becoming a good agent can take a long time and you most likely will not glide so easily into it. This the type of job that is really hard in the beginning but then smooth sailing the rest of the way. To a lot of people that sense of unsureness can draw them away from this career path. Most anybody can be a real estate agent, but the effort you put in is the amount you get rewarded.

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