Saturday, February 8, 2020

Shopping the Smart Way Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Shopping the Smart Way - Essay Example Throughout our day to day lives, we perform and complete millions of tasks. We often go through the motions, not beginning to consider how many tiny steps go into all of the things we do during a given day. However, if we considered each of our activities as a process, we could see things in a whole new light. If we took the time to consider our day to day, we would realize that there are many careless errors involved in the tasks we perform, which sometimes even lead us to not complete these tasks. Even our completed tasks contain many errors. We could, perhaps, improve our efficiency as well as the amount of time spent on various tasks we perform throughout a day. By carefully observing a process step by step, you can see which of its components work and which do not. One such component that can be a part of anyone’s day to day life, one which can be improved upon, is going grocery shopping.... It’s a busy time of year for you at your job and you had to sacrifice your lunch hour and break in order to get your work done. You come home after this seemingly never-ending day, ready to fix yourself your favorite dinner before you turn in for the night. You reach your refrigerator only to find empty shelves and drawers. At this point, it seems like you don’t have very many options. You sigh, grabbing your keys and heading right back out the door you had just come through. As you’re getting in your car, your phone rings. It is your friend telling you he’s coming over. You offer to pick him up if he will help you with your grocery shopping. He agrees and you go pick him up. Once you have picked this friend up, you reluctantly drive to the supermarket. You look over at the checkout counters as you walk in and see the lines are very long. It’s dinner time and the supermarket is full of people getting last minute items they need. You decide you need to hurry up through the supermarket aisles so that you can get on line before it gets any worse. You and your friend devise a plan where you will split up and each start on a different side of the supermarket, meeting in one of the middle aisles Since you went there on such a whim, you have no list. You decide to go aisle by aisle, looking to see what you need in each. You walk up and down the aisles, looking at everything that meets your eye and finding some things you needed, but indulging more in things you don’t need, reasoning that you are allowed to splurge for whatever reason. You and your friend meet in the middle and put the contents of your separate baskets into a cart. You’re satisfied as you make your way down the last aisle toward the checkout counter, considering the fact

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